Thursday, July 14, 2005

Borf Bagged

The Post reports that Borf was busted last night in a somewhat breathless article that is clearly admiring, but pays dues with some opening comments about how "destructive" he is. Busting Borf is sad on two counts,
A) No more Borf surprises and
B) the unmasked Borf turns out to be a priviliged slacker/trust-fund anarchist. And 18 at that. This previous entry on Borf includes a slideshow and some other sources.Posted by Picasa


pICCOLINa said...

I can't believe I see all these entries showwing dissapointment on BORFS age. Why is people so caught up in this illusion call age? he is a mind, yet to be totally shaped and he sees the world and life in a particular way. THAT is perfectly fine. I respect any point of view that is noy the main stream. His age just gives me hope that "not everything is lost...."

vandal said...

borf is a great kid. he has a great heart and his stuff always makes me laugh. for readers who want to know more, there's an interview with borf at visualresistance: