Thursday, March 10, 2005

About DC Streets

Too many times I've heard people subtly put down DC. Sometimes they complain about the architecture, or the people. They say we aren't friendly, or that we are all career obsessed. I've heard the city described as cold and alien, that we have no sense of neighborhood. Also, I've heard people from larger cities treat us like a bunch of hicks. Then there are the race issues. Seems like anyone coming here expecting to find race conflict finds exactly what they are looking for. Perhaps it was in their bags.
Instead of arguing, though, I've decided to just do what I do when we're walking down the streets. Point at things. "Look at that," I'll say. There are so many odd, strange, wonderful things here, but people get too intense and locked in to see them. Sometimes I'll string some photos together, though I may leave the message to you. So I'll just point at this, point at that. If you like what you see up front, check out the archives. As we go along, I'll add some favorites to this section.
-daniel h. jeffers


Anonymous said...

The premise for this site is remarkable... - Mat

lisapete8 said...

hey dan! great october 8th shot!

Anonymous said...

Great site. DC is much under-represented when it comes to photoblogs (besides the typical sites). Glad to see this. Cheers.

gwadzilla said...

some people would complain about anything...
yes DC is not NYC
DC is DC
and there are great things about it
no the humidity is not one of those great things
the mosquitos can be bad as well
I will not stress the negative
I love the people, the archetecture, and the free museums

Chris Heuer said...

Thought you might be interested in some shots I took during my last trip to DC - coming back again for our BrainJams event next week. Just wandered out from N street down past the white house over to the WWII memorial. Great walk and some great shots along the way - particularly with the fog...

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to come across your site. As a displaced DC native, I yearn for shots of home. This really fills the bill.

Now I can stop renting John Waters' films for when I feel homesick. Okay, maybe not. *grin*

Thank you!

paige said...

i really love this blog and dc. the only really wonderful photoblog about dc i've found. please keep up the amazing work! so funny and beautiful!

gwadzilla said...

I am also very grumpy at times
people of dc let me down each day

Anonymous said...

You may want to include one more site that is DC community driven and free for your readers:

MyDCNet - A jobs and information site for current and proximal DC'Philes

Cat said...

I'm a DC native living in CA and I miss my home. Your pictures make my heart hurt. In a good way. Thanks.