Saturday, April 30, 2005

Borf, DC's current graffiti obsession

Borf strikes over Cosi in Dupont. Slideshow here. Posted by Hello

After taking the above picture, I was sitting in that same Cosi and watching as two of DC's finest, one of whom was wearing a t-shirt with a vest labelled Police over the top, walked back and forth, pointing up at it, taking notes. They talked to the manager a bit. We joked that they were part of the Borf squad. This stencil/tagger/artist/vandal has grown ubiquitous, and DC blogs are abuzz with speculation and comment. Some insist on applying meaning to the word. For instance, this dictionary describes borfing as unceremonisously booting someone off a system. But I don't know why it can't be a reference to the Evil Emporer Borf. Anyway, the DCist probably has the best article on Borf, while Visual Resistence claims to have an interview. Perpwalk sums up Borf online articles here. Already there are obvious imitations, and there are Borf sightings in other cities.

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