Monday, April 18, 2005

World Bank IMF protests, here all week

The IMF protests weren't particularly large or well-focused this year. More like a class reunion that keeps getting smaller and smaller. Still, there was a lot of theater, and we'll be posting pictures all week. Slide shows, like this one, may contain language (on the signs) not safe for work. Posted by Hello

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idiotx said...

The word is these protests are a great place to meet chicks and potentially solve the worlds problems by having some casual sex. Maybe the it's because the same chicks show up and are not quite the draw they were a few years ago. Or could it be the message is tired and old, and the protesters "heart" just isn't into it anymore. I mean just how many times can you say "Capitalism bad, communism good" with enthusiasm. Oh well if some of those girls would take a bath I might show up again.