Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ode To Claire and Ritz Camera

I was walking out the gate with at least one too many things in my hands. One was my camera in the soft case. Phone rings, move things around, camera (IN THE CASE) drops. Doesn't seem too bad, though. Later, I take a shot of the Glen Echo entryway, above. As you can see, it just looks wrong. Turning the camera around, I see that the filter is shattered and bent.

I take it back to the Ritz, where I bought it. Claire looks at it, pulls out some plyers and snips and says: "most people like to go over to Starbucks for about twenty minutes while I work on this."
"You don't like having the customer sitting her watching you?" I ask, sympathetically. I know I prefer to work without someone staring over my shoulder.
"No, it's more for your sake. You might not like watching me work over your camera with plyers."
I went away. When I came back, everything was all better, with a new filter covering my still-intact lens. Posted by Picasa

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Bobby said...

Nice shots. I just moved away from DC, I miss it.

I hope they were gentle with your little camera friend.